Easyinsure Technologies

Easyinsure Tech., powered by advanced AI (OCR and Computer Vision), is a leading insurance-technology and finance-technology service provider.

  • Specialized

    We focus on making the finance services more intelligent through artificial intelligence technology. Our business solutions are readily adaptable to different business scenarios.

  • Professional

    We have top-notched computer science researchers and developers, teamed with people of insurance and finance expertise. Our products have earned numerous accolades in related domains.

  • Accessible

    Easyinsure AI open platform supports various platforms (Windows/Mac/Android/IOS) efficiently, safely, flexibly, and easy to use.

Products and Services
Pet Identification Technology
Our pet identification technology is based on the information extracted from pets' faces and nose prints. It promotes the pet industry to a new level, facilitating fields such as pet insurance, pet management, pet medical treatment, and so on. Our pet identification is characterized by easy operation, low cost, and more importantly, pet friendliness, and it will have a wide application prospect.
OCR-Based Services
Applying deep learning technology, we developed our own OCR engine. It achieves high recognition accuracy in various complex scenes, and help users collect and process information efficiently. Our OCR engine can also be integrated into other Business/Product Management softwares.
Auto Insurance SaaS
We have developed a software suite, covering all scenarios of auto insurance business, and providing a full range of integrated intelligent softwares and technical solutions to empower the auto insurance industry to achieve efficient operation and improve efficiency through digital management.
After years of dedication in the fields of insurance and finance technology, we have gained rich experiences in specialized AI techniques, data mining, and service deployment. Also, a lot of customization work has been done catering to different needs of our customers and help them facilitate digital transformation and innovative development.
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